Benefits & DIY Uses For Sandalwood Essential Oil


Sandalwood! A marvelous-smelling wood with tons of health benefits, It is also used as an essential oil for skin health. Women in all parts of India use sandalwood on a daily basis in their prayers and religious rituals. Not only that, sandalwood is also used in many incense sticks due to its calming fragrance. 

Anyway, the main thing about it is that it is also available in a more concentrated and effective essential oil form. If you are considering using it in your lifestyle, make sure you are reading about it in further paras:

Significant Benefits Of Using Sandalwood Essential Oil

    • Pollution Damage Reduction: The damage and pigmentation your skin suffers from pollution can get irritating for you. So, make sure you are using sandalwood essential oil to elevate your skin quality and heal all the damage effectively.
    • Effective In Lowering Skin Aging: As sandalwood has tons of antioxidants, its essential oil fights all the fine lines and wrinkles on your face and helps reduce them.
  • Brightens your skin tone: Sandalwood essential oil contains tons of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties, which help smoothen your skin pores as well.
  • Makes you calm and provides mindfulness: Sandalwood essential oil has a concentrated and soothing smell that can make you calm and provide better mental stability.
  • Works as an aphrodisiac: Sandalwood essential oil can improve your pleasure moment by enhancing your mind and body control and increasing your reproductive hormones.

Best DIY Uses Uses of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Some of the traditional uses of sandalwood are during prayers and as fragrances, but now, as it comes in essential oil form, you can do some DIY with it as well. And, along with a carrier like almond or rosehip oil, it can easily be used even on your skin. Anyway, have a look at these easy DIY activities you can do with sandalwood essential oil:

1] Making Perfume With Sandalwood Essential Oil


To make a sensual and citrus perfume from sandalwood essential oil, you’d need some ingredients like: 

  • 10 drops of sandalwood essential oil
  • 20 to 30 grams of jojoba oil
  • 10 to 12 drops of Rose oil
  • A dark glass bottle with a cork

Steps to make the perfume:

Step 1: Take all the jojoba oil and pour it into a clean cup or bowl.

Step 2: Pour rose oil and sandalwood essential oil into the bowl and mix all the ingredients well.

Step 3: Store the mixture in your dark glass bottle and use it whenever you like to make your day aromatic.

Things to remember: 

  • The shelf life of sandalwood essential oil becomes a little shorter after adding these ingredients. 
  • It is completely safe for kids over 10; even then, make sure to do a sensitivity test prior to using the perfume.

2] Calm Your Nerves With Aromatherapy

Have work stress, distress, or anxiety? Well, no worries anymore; you can take advantage of aromatherapy even at home. Sandalwood aromatherapy is a simple yet very effective trick to lose all your distress and tension in a couple of minutes.

If you’re now considering this therapy, here are all the steps for you:

Step 1: Simply take 5 to 6 drops of sandalwood essential oil into a bowl or a cup.

Step 2: Add a carrier oil like almond or rosehip oil to dilute the essential oil. 

Step 3: You can even add the sandalwood essential oil to your favorite lotion if you like.

Step 4: Now, you can take a diffuser or kettle filled with boiling water. 

Step 5: Now, put the lotion and essential oil mixture into the kettle and let it infuse your room with a comforting and calm smell. 

Essential oil can be a little hard on your nose, as it’s in a concentrated form, so make sure you are adding carrier oil as mentioned in the above steps.

3] Adding Sandalwood Essential Oil To Your Skincare Routine

Sandalwood has tons of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, effective in reducing any fungal or bacterial infection from your skin. So, if you have any form of warts or psoriasis, make sure you are using the sandalwood essential oil to treat your condition. 

Step 1: Take 15 to 20 drops of sandalwood essential oil into a vessel.

Step 2: Add 20 drops of carrier oil to dilute the essential oil; make sure to use almond oil or rosehip oil for the mixture.

Step 3: Apply it on your face as a face serum, and you can use it on your face every day.

Step 4: Now, you can keep the face serum in a dark glass bottle in a cold place for regular and convenient usage.

Always be sure that the essential oil is in a concentrated form, and you have to do a sensitivity test prior to its usage on your skin.


Sandalwood essential oil can be quite harsh on your skin if you are applying it directly without any carrier oil. As it is a concentrated essence of the sandalwood tree, you must add it to your daily lotion or carrier oil for positive results.AI report:

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